Want to be the next Steve Jobs? Whether you answered "yes" or "no," the life story of Apple Computer's founder contains lessons to help you get the life you want. Complex and fascinating, Job's unusual characteristics are revealed in an excellent biography by Walter Isaccson.

Jobs had flaws, but he also had qualities that you and I can develop to achieve our goals.
Lets take a look at a few of these qualities and abilities:
Vision - Jobs used his intuition to imagine products for the future.  Then he had them built now.  He was a visionary who could see possibilities that others missed.  Drive - He was driven by his passion to design great products that were practical, attractive and could benefit humanity.  He was relentless in pursuing his goals and bringing his vision into reality.
Inspirational - His style of leadership was sometimes brutal and insensitive, but he was able to inspire others to go beyond their limited beliefs.  At first Apple's engineers thought products Jobs envisioned were impossible.  Then they would design and build the "impossible."

Self-guided - Jobs marched to the tune of his own music in spite of criticism and resistance from others.  He followed his inner guidance and intuition, although he needed others to build the products he envisioned.

Creative - Jobs had the eye of an artist, was particular about the look and utility of Apple products and his work became an artistic expression and masterpiece.  He lived the words of Gibran who said, "Work is love made visible."

Steve Jobs was a rare visionary who changed the world.  But all of us can grow these qualities within ourselves to some extent.  If you use vision, drive, inspiration, self-guidance and creativity your goals are likely to be realized.

You might not be the next Steve Jobs, but you can become the person you were meant to be-your own best self.  Jobs put it this way, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it trying to live someone else's life."


Lessons From Steve Jobs

by Raymond Gerson
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